What does Band 5, 6 and 7 mean?

The system of pay bands used in the UK. There is a Salary for each band as per the NHS current pay scales.

Am I eligible to register in the UK and apply for a job through Vega Consultancy?

To ensure you are eligible for registration in the UK, please contact to Vega International Consultancy in UAE

How will Vega International assist me?

  • We advise each candidate on a number of Nursing Vacancies, these vacancies are specific to each application and are discussed in detail to enable you to decide which one or more to apply for.
  • We liaise between the chosen recruitment partner in UK and the candidate throughout the entire process the candidate is updated and informed of developments.
  • We will assist, where appropriate in your application to register as a nurse or midwife with the NMC in the UK.
  • We assist with your visa application where appropriate and are always on hand for advice or information.
  • Finally, we organise a warm welcome and orientation is given to each candidate on arrival.

Can you tell me about visas for my family?

Family sponsorship visa will be given with 3 years validity .

How do I register as a nurse in the UK?

To learn more about registering as a nurse in the UK, please feel free to call us, and we will discuss your options further to help you make an informed decision.

How long do I have to commit to?

We recruit to permanent posts so you can stay as long as you want. If you are a non EU passport holder you will need to maintain your visa.

Will there be housing for me / my family on arrival?

Yes, accommodation is arranged by Vega International  through the partner recruitment agency in the UK.

Who pays for the housing?

You will pay the rent for the housing but as always Vega International  will be on hand for detailed information, and advice on the best way to settle into your new locality.

Will my children get free schooling?

Free schooling will depend on the package from the position for which you are applying.

Will my partner be able to get a job?

The UK has a variety of options for you partner, should you decide to pursue employment in the UK. if you are curious about the job opportunities available, please refer to the UK job seeking sites.

Do I have to take an English Language test?

EU applicants

You will be tested at interview to determine whether your English language skills are adequate for safe and effective practice.You will also be required to sit a literacy test and numeracy test at interview.

Non EU applicants

All non EU trained applicants to the nurses or midwives part of the register must complete, and provide evidence of the International English Language Test (IELTS) before submitting their application to NMC.

You must complete the academic version of the IELTS test and achieve:

  • At least 7.0 in the listening and reading sections
  • At least 7.0 in the writing and speaking sections
  • At least 7.0 (out of a possible 9) overall

We will not accept applicants who score lower than this standard.

Frequently asked questions about IELTS requirements

If you have more questions regarding the NMC IELTS requirements, please refer to the IELTS website for further information.

Dealing with medical emergencies

If you need immediate medical assistance (for example, because of an accident) telephone 999. The call is free.

Am I entitled to free NHS treatment?

The following NHS treatment is free to anyone:

  • Treatment in an emergency (but not follow-up treatment)
  • Treatment of certain communicable diseases
  • Compulsory psychiatric treatment
  • Family planning services

How much the process cost me?

Vega International  does not charge a recruitment or placement fee. You will need to pay for:

  • IELTS exam
  • NMC exams (CBT)
  • Certifying documents for NMC
  • NMC Interview Prep and application process
  • OSCI Training and Prep
  • Visa
  • Ticket

Contact Vega International for the detailed information and easy payment plan .