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Vega International Consultancy is the leading consultancy firm serving the global community with unmatched expertise in study abroad programs overseas recruitment consulting.
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About Us

Vega International is a world leader in supporting you with International Education & Recruitment. We provide a range of services like study abroad programs for students aspiring to study in reputed Universities around the world and we also specialize in recruitment overseas. The company was established with an aim to support organizations with their requirements while providing opportunities and education to individuals looking for growth.
About Us

Higher Education Consultancy

Vega International provides a wide range of services to support you with your international education journey. We provide career advice, assistance in placement in universities and dedicated services to your international future.

Study overseas Guidelines

Vega International is one of the Market leaders in international education. We help international students study in reputed universities in the world. We provide guidance in connecting students with the right course in the right university globally.

Vega International Outsourcing agency

Vega International outsourcing agency serving the global community with unmatched expertise. We are specialists in offering a range of services like providing the highest caliber of healthcare professionals across the globe. We support an expert training program for recruited employees through the associates.

Quick Career Tips

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