Looking for a nursing job? The best salaries in the world for registered nurses

Nursing is one of the most lucrative Professions in the world, and finding a Job Is relatively easy in most countries. However, there are many regulations and certifications involved based on the country united kingdom is the Country is best for nurses, based on Factors such as salary , job satisfaction and regulatory requirement.

United Kingdom is paying the highest salaries for registered nurses; these are also relatively easier to get into as an expat:. For pay scales in healthcare, nurses fall in Band 5 or above depending on experience and qualifications. For nurses trained outside the European Union or European Economic Area, you will need to register as a nurse with the regulatory agency in UK, Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).This process includes application, eligibility tests and other formalities.

Band Annual salary in GBP Annual salary in AED
Band 5 GBP 21,909 to GBP 28,462 Dh97,918 to Dh127,205
Band 6 GBP 26,302 to GBP 35,225 Dh117,551 to Dh157,431
Band 7 GBP 31,383 to GBP 41,373 Dh140,260 to Dh184,908
Band 8 GBP 40,028 to GBP 82,834 Dh178,897 to Dh370,210
Band 9 GBP 78,629 to GBP 99,437 Dh351,417 to Dh444,414
Source: NHS Agenda for Change pay rates
Note: This is to be used as a guide only and may differ based on
your personal qualifications and quality of experience.

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